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Home Composting - A War on Waste

The Foundation has launched a ‘war on waste’ targeting the household level vegetable kitchen waste. It is working on a mission to promote the practice of ‘Home Composting’ as an ‘Earth Friendly Green Hobby’. In view of the rising mountains of open dumps which characterise the urban landscape of the country and near absence of sanitary landfill sites, it is now necessary that every citizen is sensitised about the risks of indiscriminate disposal of garbage and s/he is motivated to adopt the practice of ‘Home Composting’ to discharge her/ his ‘Individual Environmental Responsibility’ and safeguard urban environment and public health.

 The Foundation is working with the Dept. of Environment, Govt. of NCT of Delhi on promotion of the practice of ‘Home Composting’ in Delhi. As a part of a pilot since March 2007, it has been doing social marketing of a robust composting bin and using that as a carrier, it has been conveying profound message on the issues of open dumps, public health risks, limitations and unsustainability of advanced technology based treatment plants for municipal solid waste, difficulties of setting up sanitary landfill sites, etc.

 Although it is a small number, but it is a pleasure to inform that by now more than 50 families in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon have started this ‘Earth Friendly Green Hobby’ and are positively contributing towards protection of environment and minimising green house gas emissions which otherwise would take place when their kitchen waste would degrade in open dumps. Pictures of some satisfied home composters are there for you to see and get motivated.

To learn more on how to get started either call Compost Help Line 011 4105 4084 or click here to get ‘The Joy of Home Composting’.


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