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Home Composting > How do I compost?
Begin with a layer of BROWNS – which helps in air circulation and absorb excess moisture.
Then add a layer of GREENS. Remember not to leave kitchen waste on top of the pile.
It is best to keep the greens buried inside the compost heap, where they will break down quicker. That is why we advise you to always finish with BROWNS on top. Keep a bag of leaves, shredded paper or plain soil near your GEM, and then throw in a few handfuls each time to cover your GREENS. This will prevent odour as well as flies in your GEM. Sprinkle some NEEM KHALI if you have lots of flies in your GEM.
After the brown layer, sprinkle small quantity of water on the heap. Moisture should be just enough so that the heap is moist not wet. Lack of moisture can delay composting process while excess can cause smell.
Mix the heap once a fortnight with a garden rake or the GEM Digger.


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