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Home Composting > How do I start composting?

In order to facilitate you to start the ‘Earth Friendly Green Hobby’, we have brought GEM (Green Earth Machine ) to your door step. It offers you an effective & simple way of home composting and thereby nurse our dear Earth, our land, our city and your neighbourhood.

Compost simply happens, it’s a natural process. No point getting all excited and worrying about it. Don’t time it and wonder why it isn’t done yet. Never worry that you simply can’t compost - or that you are not doing it right. Put the recommended system in place and every thing

will be taken care of. Having a garden is a bonus but is certainly not a necessity. Find a suitable location, begin to separate your organic waste at home and simply feed your GEM. Don’t worry if the bin is filling up quickly, nature’s great disappearing act is about to begin. The material in the compost pile will start settling very soon.

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