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Home Composting > How to use my compost ?

Compost is ready for use when it has a fine crumbly soil like appearance and is dark brown in colour.

  • For houseplants and potting, mix it with garden soil in a ratio of 1 in 8
  • As a mulch (depth of 2 or 3 inches) to suppress weeds and to improve soil structure
  • As a soil or lawn top dressing or seed starting mix in the GEM
  • While planting trees or shrubs, mix a bucketful with the soil at the bottom of the planting hole
  • Compost tea (!) can be made from steeping GEM Black Gold in a bucket and using the liquid to water and feed plants or sprinkle in your GEM
  • Lastly, you can give it to the waste collector who may sell it to a centralised processing facility. The organisation running the ‘Home Composting’ programme in your city will in turn sell it which will bring revenue to support the project. Please give it free of cost because you will be contributing towards a larger cause - provide livelihood to some underprivileged.
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