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Promotion of home composting in Delhi (2007)

Based on the experience of numerous large- and small-scale initiatives, and from the point of view of bringing ‘appropriate technology’ to the people as well as to create awareness on ‘Individual Environmental Responsibility’, the Foundation has now launched a ‘war on waste’ with a mission to promote the practice of home composting across the country. We have developed an improvised bin for Indian conditions which helps in converting kitchen waste into compost at home. Around the concept of the bin, we have structured a communication strategy which carries messages on the problems of open dumps, constraints of locating sanitary landfills, issues and concerns related to sustainability of treatment plants, source segregation and finally what the concerned citizens are expected to do. On this theme, we are currently working on a pilot with the assistance of the Dept. of Environment, Govt. of NCT of Delhi wherein more than 30 public meetings have been organised and about 40 households have started the ‘Earth Friendly Green Hobby’ of home composting. Our vision is to create a number of micro-enterprises in different cities who can then undertake the task of distribution and servicing of the GEMs and thereby solve a very major problem that the urban administrators are facing and which has a high potential to otherwise adversely affect the public health.

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