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Home Composting > Quick Operating Instructions
Capacity of your GEM : 125 / 150 /200 litre.
Location : Ideally on ground: in front yard or back yard, under shade. If placed
on pucca floor, encircle with soil.
Feed rate : 0.5 – 1 kg/day.
Type of feed :
Kitchen waste of vegetable origin.
Exclude milk products and non-veg items.
Supplementary feed : Dry leaves, waste paper, brown paper, soil, ash, ‘neem khali’ whatever
is available.
Method of feed :
Alternate layers of food waste & supplementary feed
Maintain a balance i.e., about equal proportion
:Always have a layer of leaves on top to avoid any flies & odour.
Essentials : Water, the elixir of life. Sprinkle just enough to keep the heap moist,
but not wet.
Mixing requirement : Once in a fortnight, mix the contents with a garden rake or GEM Digger.
Position of lid : Always keep the GEM closed.
Position of bottom door : Open only while taking out the compost, which is once in 3-4 months.
Additives? : Earthworms or any fancy bugs are NOT REQUIRED. You can sprinkle
liquid extract of old compost or the compost itself. If at all you wish,
you can buy a small bottle of fancy bugs from the market.
What next? : Just relax; Mother nature will take care.
Duration of Phase I : 60-90 days in the GEM. : Transfer the bottom layers on
the ground/flower bed/ earthen pot, etc.
Duration of Phase II : In about 30-40 days the compost matures. It will
have aroma of soil like after first monsoon showers!!


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