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Solid waste management

Report: Risk factors associated with treatment of mixed municipal solid waste in the Indian context

Solid waste management

Technological and systemic challenges in municipal solid waste treatment and policy options for sustainable development in the sector

Risk factors associated with solid waste treatment technology options in the Indian context (submitted to Waste Management Review for publication).

Technological challenges in municipal solid waste treatment.

MSW (Management and Handling) Rules, 2000 - A critique.

Static aerated pile composting – an option to contain odour (submitted to Institution of Public Health Engineers, India for publication)


Manual on technology options for on-site sanitation in rural Maharashtra, Water and Sanitation Program – South Asia.

Sustainable options for on-site sanitation in Rural Maharashtra, Proceedings of Ecosan India, 9 th International conference, Mumbai, November, 2005. pp 299-303.

Wastewater management

Chemically enhanced primary treatment – an alternate paradigm for basin-wide river water quality improvement.

Sewage treatment through UASB technology – expectations and reality, 22nd National convention on Env. Engg., Institution of Public Health Engineering and IT-BHU, Varanasi, April 2006.

Wastewater management in Najafgarh drainage basin – key to water quality improvement in river Yamuna, Indian Association of Environment Management, Annual Conference, New Delhi, 2003.

Sustainability of achieving high quality norms for treated wastewater, Proceedings of Municipalika 2005, New Delhi, April 2005.

Japanese assistance for river pollution control - a case study of Yamuna Action Plan, India

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