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Asit Nema
The Foundation has been established under the leadership of Mr. Asit Nema who is an environmental engineer with over 20 years of diversified consulting experience in urban, rural and industrial environmental/infrastructure sectors. Mr. Nema holds a Master of Technology degree in Environmental Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and a M.Sc. (Distinction) from IHE, Delft, and The Netherlands in Sanitary Engineering. Mr. Nema has worked both in the technology and management consulting fields on a range of assignments for multilateral and bilateral agencies as well as International NGOs. He brings a fine balance of technical expertise with a strong understanding of social and institutional aspects of the development sector projects. Mr. Nema is reckoned as a sanitation, wastewater treatment and solid waste management specialist. He has worked with Theoni Industribetriebe GmBH and Bennat Consult of Austria, the providers of state-of-the art technologies for solid waste biomethanation, composting and sewage treatment. In the recent past he has worked on some unique sectoral studies on solid waste and sanitation for the World Bank and USAID. On behalf of the Water and Sanitation Programme – South Asia of the World Bank he has developed a manual for rural sanitation for the state of Maharashtra and recently he was involved with an international team of experts for preparation of a resource guide for urban sanitation technology options. He has also worked on river and lake conservation projects e.g., the JBIC/JICA assisted Ganga and Yamuna river pollution control projects. In the early stage of his career Mr. Nema served in the Indian Engineering Services.

Blog : MSW and Home Composting

Madhavi Kumar
Madhavi Kumar has a Masters degree in Business Economics from Delhi University and has more than 10 years of experience as an urban economist and institutional expert. While working on a DFID supported project, she has extensively studied the problems of solid waste management, sewage disposal, river pollution, rural water supply and sanitation and institutional limitations in a typical large urban centre in India. She carried out an evaluation of the institutional aspects of Yamuna Action Plan involving wastewater treatment plants and urban sanitation.

Garima Gupta
Garima holds a Masters degree in social work and has been working in the area of training and capacity building for the NGO sector. Currently she is anchoring our ‘Home Composting’ programme wherein she is responsible for social marketing of the composting bin and promotion of the practice as a hobby among house-wives, school children etc.

Mr. K. D. Khanna
Mr. K. D. Khanna is an environmentalist, a committed social worker and an entrepreneur. He holds a bachelors degree in economics and is an expert on micro-enterprise development.

Mr. Gairola
Mr. Gairola is a senior advisor, a mechanical engineer and a motivational consultant on efficiency and productivity improvement to a number of industries and institutions. He has evolved an innovative training programme entitled ‘War on Waste’ and assists the Foundation in developing communication package for our Home Composting mission.
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